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End of the year musings

How is the Earth Given to Us. Part 1: Givenness.

Normalization: Three takes on the cold war

Normalizing Ecology 1

Normalization continued

Normalizing the Planet 1

Thinking the Planet

The Planetary Thought

A new way into the forest

Enough with perfection

Is better better than best?

The Soul of the Earth

The Missing Revolution

Tagore's Mythical Forest

The Forest of Ecological Thought

The City and the Forest

Languaging the Planet II

Looking at the Climate Aslant

Dos Quixote

Making Sense of Sensemaking

TGL4: Commodity Imperialism

TGL3: Languaging the Planet

TGL2: It ended with a bang

TGL1: Tagore and Gandhi in the shadow of Lenin

The Book of Minds 7: Consciousness and Solidarity

The Book of Minds 6: The Species Matrix

The Book of Minds 5: Possibilities

The Book of Minds 4: Revolutionary Times

The Book of Minds 3: What is Distinctively Mental?

The Book of Minds 2

The Book of Minds 1

History making

The Planet of Truth

Deep Spacetime

Planetary India: seventy five years of Indian Independence

Planetary Animals

Factors of Accumulation III

Factors of Accumulation II

Factors of Accumulation I

Second Contact, Part III

Second Contact Part II

What is it like to be a Planet? Part II

What is it like to be a Planet? Part I

Second Contact

Lemmings and other animals

The Globe and the Earth So Far

On Contradiction II

On Contradiction I

The Good Things Behind Bad Things

Stitch in Time

On Accumulation and Risk

Planet as Prefix V

Planet as Prefix IV

Planet as Prefix III

The Planet as a Prefix II

The Planet is a Prefix

A cult of my own

Sets in the City

The Eurasian World

Planet Fail

The Daily Planet

Crisis and Catastrophe

Climate Leviathan 4

Climate Leviathan 3

Climate Leviathan 2

Introducing the Climate Leviathan

C8: Climate, Capital, Cities, Code + Contingency, Crisis, Contradiction, Change


The Planetary Thought

Grasping the Whole

Spring Overflow

Regime Change: Time Out

Regime Change: FOW 2. Mad for MAD

M26: Reality Media 10. Pricing Everything

Regime Change: The Convoy

Regime Change: Think Globally, Vote Locally

Reality Media 9: The Moon Landing for the Metaverse

Regime Change: FOW 1

Regime Change: Trigger Warning

Regime Change: Zelensky

Reality Media VIII: On violence in the Metaverse

Regime Change

M23: Reality Media VII.

M22: Reality Media 6. Order and Chaos

M21: Reality Media 5

M20: Reality Media Part 4

M19: Reality Media, Part III

M18: Reality Media Part II

M17: Reality Media Part I

M16: Text and the City, Part IV

M15: Text and the City Part III

M14: Text and the City Part II

M13: Text and the City

M12: The Metaverse and its critics; Winter 2022 edition