I find that my mind goes to all kinds of places: Metaphysics, Mathematics, Myths and More….∞. These days, all of the M’s are coming together in an exploration of the Metaverse.

As soon as I get to a new location, I like telling people what I am seeing. Usually in slow motion. If you’re the kind of person who likes ambling through street metaphysics, you will want to hit the subscribe button.

Personal Media

But why a newsletter?

Facebook and Twitter were the places where I have conversations with friends and peers, but they aren’t working for me any more. I can’t stand the constant aggression of social media. In contrast, email remains the most intimate connection between two human beings online. A newsletter is the beginning of a conversation between friends.

PS: I like to keep my friends close, but sometimes two minds fall apart. That too is easy to manage. If you don’t like what you’re reading, unsubscribe and you will never hear from me again. Why would you want to do that though 😬