T2B53: Viden 7

I am going to be AWOL for a few days since I will be on the road.

As I said a couple of days ago, the vaccine allows a decisive shift in the major narrative about the pandemic. Yes, people are still dying in the thousands everyday, but the major medical task ahead is the distribution of the vaccine. I don’t know exactly how that’s going to be done, but will try finding out.

The thing is that criticizing Trump’s handling of the pandemic was a great stick to beat him with, but Biden would much rather not remind people how bad things are just as he’s getting started - human memories are notoriously prone to remember beginnings and ends - and instead start with how he’s going to make life better for everyone.

Now that the vaccine is beginning to be distributed, Biden can reframe the narrative to make it about a better future rather than a dismal present. Biden has a chance to shape the first image of his administration by hitting the ground running with how he will Make America Great Again for Real and back those words with cold hard cash.

Looks like he’s proposing to do exactly that:

Other reports have mentioned that the stimulus checks have both made people happy - i.e., they feel better about you - and kept them afloat. Biden’s going to cut a $1400 check to everyone.

Looks like Republicans will support it, so it will pass - anyway, with the win in Georgia, the Senate and the House will vote with the Biden administration on this plan. If Biden’s luck holds, his first year in office will see the economy roaring back.