T2B19: This is the Way

The first time I pressed send this post went nowhere. This is round two. 🤞🏾

I wish I could just take a few days off, but having promised a daily update until the old man enters the oval office, I have to offer something everyday.

This is the way.

By which I mean the way of Mandalore, Disney Plus’ new TV series based on the Star Wars franchise.

The Mandalorian, to be precise.

It’s an expensive show, costing Disney $15 million/episode. I love it, and so do some seventy million other people who have signed for Disney Plus, their new streaming channel. Not all of them signed up to see a space western, but I think a lot did: even if 10% did so, Disney is recouping its investment in spades.

I am a sucker for Space Operas and any movie that blows up a planet or two gets my vote of confidence BUT if you have seen one intergalactic battle sequence, you have seen them all. The slow burn of a TV series allows for character development and showcases the everyday life of a galaxy. That’s the shizz.

Go watch it now if you can. BRI will be back on Monday.