T2B: Over and Out

I started writing the Trump to Biden series on a whim, as a way of understanding the intense speculation and drama that accompanied Biden’s win and the transition from Trump to his successor.

I didn’t know what I had in mind besides holding myself to a daily discipline, to which I didn’t stick religiously but 56 essays in 75 days ain’t so bad. As I started connecting the dots, it became clear that the various crises that led to this tumultuous transition are all interrelated - that the widening of the economic and the cognitive gap inside the US, the competition with China, the inability to contain the pandemic and the looming climate catastrophe are all different facets of one problem.

You never know what you’ll find when you go looking.

Having said that, I am tired out from writing these daily updates and need to take a break (two weeks? two months? — likely somewhere in the middle) before I can restart the machine.

Until then: