Reality Bites

It's been a while since my previous essay. Deadlines made me put all self-inflicted responsibilities in hibernation while I worked for the man. Besides the gun to my head, I was also struggling with having anything interesting to say in newsletter form. I was pretty pleased with myself when I unearthed the idea of cosiety as a keystone concept that organizes an entire field of thought.

It took me three years to get there. Now what?

Believing as I do that blog posts and newsletter should run ahead of normal thoughts (presearch, not research), there isn't much to say about cosiety in newsletter form - it's natural home is a book or some other definitive exposition. It’s time to let go of cosiety and weave another tangle.

But where do I start?

Sometimes I get depressed that anything that could be said has been said, and often said very well. Suppose I want to explore the possibility that Egyptian mummies weren't human pharaohs at all; instead they were aliens that never came out of hibernation while being transported from their home planet to earth. Interstellar anesthesia gone wrong. Brilliant idea, right? Let's enter it into Google and see what we get.

Damn, it's only been thought two million times…..

Sometimes I feel I am the sum of my Google searches, and no more. Perhaps the best I can do is to curate what other people have already written or filmed. I can imagine a future Jurassic park, where instead of recreating dinosaurs from their DNA, we will recreate them from their cosmic Google searches.

If a T-Rex searched on Google what would he want to find?

Or perhaps like Tony Soprano, he's more interested in talking to his shrink. How would we find out? How do we enter the mind of a dinosaur?

Anyways, I am going to hop from one rock to the next until I find a Triceratops worth snacking on. As they say in the Jurassic age: reality bites.