In theoretical physics, M-theory is a candidate theory of everything. It is a theory that no one seems to know much about and has been called a piece of 21st century science that accidentally landed in the twentieth century. This site is not about the M-theory of physics. Instead, it is about various other M’s that should be central to 21st century science, are more mundane and yet- in my opinion — are about matters at least as interesting as the physicists’ M-theory. Potential M-theories for the twentieth century are:

  1. Theories of Mind (also see here).

  2. Theoretical Metaphysics.

  3. Theories of Mathematics.

  4. Theories of Morals.

  5. Theories of Meaning.

What binds these M-theories together is a common concern with the everyday world, or what I have called samsara elsewhere. Of these five, only mathematics might be about esoteric realities rather than the world of experience, but I will try to convince you that mathematical experience is a part of samsara. In these pages, you will find speculations about the links between the various M-theories and to use these M-theories to understand samsara itself.