The Creative Class in the Matrix
Data + Money + Cities = World
Technology meets society
On 'Wespace' -- a way for presence and continuity to emerge on the internet
With a detour through Science Fiction and Whodunits
The first of two articles on how identity needs to be formalized in the next stage of the web
I am really sorry - for some inexplicable reason, the email that was sent out earlier today had half the content missing. Here’s the full essay: Digging…
first in a series on the human interverse
Is the Metaverse in our Heads?
Introducing the Near Future With the Metaverse fast becoming the next Internet Gold Rush, there's enormous amount of interest at two ends of the…
I was going to write the first summary of Matthew Ball's writings on the Metaverse, but have to put that on hold as last week's news sinks in: Facebook…
The Mauhaus Project